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About CALM Investing

CALM Investing is founded by 4 people who are passionate about acquiring knowledge on stock investment, they have much success with their own investment journeys, and for the past two years they have also shared their investment knowledge, philosophy and principles through their Blog. To them, Investing is not rocket science and can be learned just like any other skills. With the collective experiences, CALM Investing has launched the Cashflow Mastery Program course. Cashflow Mastery Program is based on the foundation that you should only buy wonderful companies with strong economic moats, consistently profitable with growth potential, and bought at reasonable prices.

What We Do

We are collectively known as the CALM investors. We got to know each other a number of years ago because of our common pursuits of stock investment knowledge, aspiring to seek greater return of investment on our hard-earned savings. We undertook courses related to value investing, fundamental analysis, technical analysis and option trading strategies. 

Learning and investing together led us closer. We had our investment successes and yes we also made some investment mistakes along the way and lost some money but fortunately we were able to learn from good coaches and trainers and we now invest with the right mindset; a long-term view towards investing only in wonderful companies with great economic moats that have profitable growth potential and will last a long time. 

Though we have different investment goals and risk reward appetites, we consistently average double digit investment returns with the investment principles, mindset and framework that we have learned and adapted along the way to suit most retail investors like you and I. We launched our value investing blog Journey With Money two years ago and we also started to provide cost-effective investment courses for beginners, building portfolio from good dividend stocks.  

With much planning and research, we are finally ready to launch the pilot run of our stock investment course Cashflow Mastery Program. We used to be students seeking proven investment principles and we care about deriving good returns from our hard-earned savings and compound the returns, knowing the rewards vs the risks. We are confident we have the right formula derived from our knowledge, the proven guru investment principles and our investment experiences. It is with that motivation that we are sharing that knowledge, wishing more and more people invest wisely and whatever their greater passions in life, they will achieve financial freedom sooner rather than later.   

We also work with other organizations which specialize in the teachings of advanced Options strategies and regional Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).