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We have been teaching our signature program Cashflow Mastery Program (CMP) for a while and we are delighted to see successes from our students benefiting from the program, becoming better educated investors and profiting from the stock market. We are greatly encouraged by the results seen and have decided to expand our reach to more people, hopeful to expand our community and impact more lives through our educational efforts around personal finance management and stock investment best practices.

Cashflow Mastery Program is a two-day course 9 am to 5 pm usually happening over a week-end. We realize some people may like flexibility to learn at a slower pace and thus we have launched a book Stay Calm & Invest which extracts contents from what we teach on day-1 of CMP. Different people learn differently and some people can learn well by reading a book, we have written the book in a succinct way, to the point of the key concepts which can be applied to real investing.

In conjunction with this book, an app has been developed which is a practical implementation of the step-by-step stock analysis framework, from Circle of Competence to Fundamental Analysis (Economic Moat analysis, Management Assessment and our trademark PhD Financial Analysis) and finally to Valuation using the Discounted Cashflow valuation technique. The app is automated to the extent that all you need is to pen down your thoughts and what you assess to be the future growth potential of a particular stock.

We wish you all the best in your investment journey.

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